To Trump voters

People who voted for Trump fall into one of three categories:

  1. People who believed Trump would attempt to fulfill his campaign promises.
  2. People who didn’t believe Trump would really attempt to fulfill his campaign promises but just wanted to vote against someone else (mainly Clinton).
  3. People who didn’t pay the least bit of attention to what Trump was about and just voted for him because he was Republican.

To those in the first category:
Are you basing this on wishful thinking? Trump demonstrably lied and flip-flopped so many times just within his campaign (even within the same day at times) that it would be foolish, even laughable, to call him a man of his word. Also, what gives you the impression he will succeed with such a track record of failure after failure?

To those in the second category:
Are you basing this on wishful thinking? Were you just wanting to cast a protest vote without paying attention to the real consequences that even ATTEMPTING to fulfill his ideas may have on millions of Americans? How does intentionally voting in a hate-mongering liar make any sense? The Germans who voted in Hitler didn’t think he’d try to implement his proposals, but he did. Trump is now enabled by a Republican House and Senate, and they’re already making plans against much of America.

To those in the third category:
If you are going to cast a vote, which is a laudable thing to do, it is your DUTY to find out what the person you’re voting for actually is like, stands for, and does. It is highly irresponsible and dangerous to cast a vote for the most powerful position in the world without finding out this information first.

To ALL Trump voters who don’t consider yourself to be bigots:
Did you not stop to think even for a moment that electing someone who promotes hate and violence just might give an excuse to those parts of our citizenry that now feel emboldened to threaten, harass, and assault their neighbors? The blood that is being shed, the people that are being terrorized, the property that is being vandalized – all of that is on you. YOU took part in making this our new reality.

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