Autism Speaks – hate speech and eugenics

Crusading Against Hate: Why I #BoycottAutismspeaks

Written by FoxTears

Originally posted HERE

If you’ve heard of autism, you’ve probably heard of Autism Speaks. For those who haven’t, they’re a USA-based “charity” (scare quotes entirely justified), and one of the biggest voices out there when it comes to talking about autism.

Autism Speaks is not a very nice company.

First, there’s the fact that all of the positions of power in the organisation are held by non-autistic people. This is about as appropriate as a bunch of white people making decisions for a charity claiming to be for the aid of people of colour, or a charity composed entirely of men discussing women’s rights. They had an autistic advisory board member once. He resigned as a result of Autism Speaks’s attitude towards autistic people. They’re too far removed from the reality faced by Autistic people. The fact is, though, that they don’t really cater for autistic…

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