Product Review: Cerridwen doll from Magnolia Moon Crafts

Today I received a beautiful doll from Magnolia Moon Crafts designed to honor the Goddess Cerridwen.   Magnolia Moon Crafts has ready made dolls and also takes custom orders.  This well-constructed, 10″ doll is made of yarn and tulle in grey, black, ivory, silver, and red and holds a cauldron between the hands.

Cerridwen by Magnolia Moon Crafts

She’s really beautiful and soft, and the choices of particular materials makes for a particularly magical feel to this doll.  I also like that the hair is as long as the entire doll.  While some may prefer dolls with faces, I enjoy that the ones from Magnolia Moon Crafts do not have them, leaving that bit to the imagination of the doll owner.  Attention to detail is particularly nice here, with shiny tulle “shoes” to an attractive, filled-out bust:
Cerridwen's feetCerridwen's bust

This doll, and indeed any of the dolls I’ve seen from Magnolia Moon Crafts, would make a great gift for a special child; these are SO much more amazing than mass-produced dolls (with none of the ridiculous materialism and body expectations that come with so many of them) and definitely much more cuddly.  I find myself stroking her hair and skirt just for the pleasurable texture.

Though Cerridwen would certainly make a worthy altar piece, this doll will be going into our dining room on the wine rack to overlook our dining table. I am very pleased with this doll* and highly recommend Magnolia Moon Crafts!

Thank you to Magnolia Moon Crafts for the use of this image:
Cerridwen by Magnolia Moon Crafts

*This is not my first doll from Magnolia Moon Crafts, and I am rather fond of the other two I have as well!

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1 Response to Product Review: Cerridwen doll from Magnolia Moon Crafts

  1. Cuddly Cerridwen? Hmmm. Maybe she stopped being so haggish after she gave birth to Taliesin?

    It IS a nice doll, though.

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