Product Review: “Piece of Papaya” nail polish by Hard Candy

I recently bought a bottle of Hard Candy’s nail polish called “Piece of Papaya” from Walmart, having been very attracted by the shiny pink with gold sparkles.   Normally I can’t really wear anything with too much yellow/gold, so I was happy to find a polish with subtle gold that is not too overpowering for my skin tone.

Hard Candy Nail Polish — Itzy Glitzy Collection — 632 PIECE OF PAPAYA

The brush was nothing unusual, and the polish went on smoothly – requiring two coats for optimal coverage.  I love the color and how pretty it looked on my fingers.  It isn’t often that I find a pink that is this close to coral that I actually want to wear, but this one is really gorgeous.  I got a few compliments on the polish and two asking where they could get it.

After only day and a half since application, however, the polish started peeling up and flaking off.  This photo was taken at 1.75 days after application:

You can see where it flaked off on my index and middle finger, and it was just as bad on the other hand.

I do like the polish for the color, but it just doesn’t have any endurance.  This is actually the flakiest polish of any in my collection, which includes quite a few brands.  I had used the same base coat and top coat that I’ve used with all my other polishes, but none of the others (not even the other glittery Hard Candy polish I own) resulted in decay this quickly.

Would I buy it again?  Probably, but I just wouldn’t expect it to last longer than a day looking good.

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