Book review: Dolphin Gate by Elizabeth Carreker-Downs

Dolphin Gate (Return of the Atlanteans Series) by Elizabeth Carreker-Downs

I was privileged to meet the author of Dolphin Gate, Elizabeth Carreker-Downs, a couple of months ago in a social setting.  She is a lovely person, and I eagerly accepted when she offered a review copy of her book despite not usually having fiction be at the top of my reading queue.  I had no idea what to expect from her writing, and I rather hoped I would have something positive to say about the endeavor of such a gracious lady.

I was not disappointed.

The author skillfully draws interest in her substantive characters while creating an engaging plot that kept my interest throughout the entire book.  The elements of the story build well upon each other without seeming trite or overplayed, with foreshadowing peppered throughout for the observant reader.

Unfortunately, the need for better copy editing was quite distracting throughout the book, detracting from the excellent writing.  Additionally, while the cliffhanger ending may not present difficulty to other readers, I tend to have a strong preference for books that have some sort of small resolution before proceeding to the next book, even if the overall plot still looms.  I felt rather dissatisfied and frustrated at the end of Dolphin Gate, having hoped for more than building up to merely be put off until the next volume.

Overall, I did find the book to be quite enjoyable, and I look forward to reading the next novel as soon as she publishes it!

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